Friday, May 31, 2013

Discovering Books for Grandchildren

Since I became a grandmother years ago I've enjoyed buying books for Howie, who is two. His parents read to him at nap time and before he goes to bed. Of course, he is the most advanced child because of this. And, IMHO, because he is my grandson.

I immediately looked for my favorite children's books. I picked newer books, lots of Dr. Seuss, Sesame Street. I couldn't find Golden Books, but I did find some of the titles reprinted by other publishers. I began scouting book fairs where I was selling copies of Mad Max Unintended Consequences. My two latest are as different as can be, but each has a positive message. That's what I want.

The Goose Gang Summer Competition by Carol Nolan teaches that the competition itself is more important than winning or losing, a message we all should remember. Nolan's drawings are colorful and enhance the story. Because Howie is two, he should like the images on the page; his parents will like the message.

My friend Dee Nicholls's Hurricane Day is too old for Howie right now. Published by Featherweight Press, this is no lightweight book. Jimmy lives in a modern-day family, which is always too busy to stop and be a family. When a hurricane bears down on Long Island, Jimmy's brother stocks up on candles, batteries, snacks and water, board games. The family brings sleeping bags into the living room to ride out the storm. When the family is unplugged, it discovers how much great it is to have fun together without distractions. Strong moral delivered well. I predict Howie will be ready for this in a couple of years.

I wonder what I'll discover at my next writers' events in Galax and Abington later this month. All I know is if there are good books out there, Howie will have them in his collection.

Hats off to Carol Nolan and Dee Nicholls for their great books. Howie wants more...

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