Monday, June 11, 2012

Tinker Mountain Writers Workshop - Day 1

Today is the beginning of the annual Tinker Mountain Workshop at Hollins University. It is also my second year in a row attending. Last year I studied advanced fiction with Fred Leebron. This year, I working on writing about trauma with Dan Mueller.

The group gathered last night for dinner, introduction, distribution of reading materials and poetry and fiction reading by two of the instructors.

Dan issued an interesting set of instructions: go back and read a four-page handout. Pick one quote that resonated with you. Read the student writings but don't mark on the pages. Today, we are to go back and reread the student materials, this time with pen in hand. He wants comments on every page, marginalia and paragraphs of explanation on each piece. Glad I brought two new green pens...

I read the first three student writings. I am blown away. They are very personal, well written and sometimes painful to read. I am going to get so much out of this workshop.

More tomorrow. Or maybe later today. Who knows? I don't.

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  1. I am so envious. I loved the workshop last year. Couldn't make it this year. I know you will share tid bits, tho'. Come back a better writer...that's always my motto. I plan to attend the Writers Digest Conference West in October. Need some pick-me-up. Till then, I will feed vicariously.