Monday, June 25, 2012

Voices from Beyond

In Ginny Brock's By Morning's Light: The true story of a mother's reconnection with her son in the hereafter, is a warm, sad, happy exploration of how people can connect even after death. When Brock's son Drew died suddenly in November 2008 at 26, she was unprepared to lose her youngest child. No one is, but Brock opened her mind and heart to the possibility that he was trying to connect with her.

Drew asks his mother what happened to him five days after he passed from unknown causes. Her account of guiding him toward the light calms the reader and her son, releasing him to cross over. Over the next year, Drew returns often, arriving in a rush of energy, sometimes materializing, sometimes appearing in thought only. Brock isn't the only one who communicates with her son. His sister and brother do. Many of his friends call to report "Drew sightings."

As the year progresses, Brock moves through deep, almost unfathomable grief to a lightness of being, at one with her beliefs and her son. Because she studied Buddhism, meditation and Native American mind-body-spirit connection, she was open to reconnecting with her son.

Brock belongs to a group of mothers, her earth angels, who belong to a unique club none of us want to join: mothers who have lost their children. Her story recounts how a stranger reached out after learning of Drew's death and offered understanding and a shoulder to lean on. Other earth angels came forward, until the local group grew close. They meet to help survivors overcome the miasma of grief over the loss of a child.

Brock doesn't ask you to believe what she does. She doesn't ask you to change your mind about connecting with people after death. What she asks is, read her story with an open mind. If you change yours, great. If not, she wants readers to know that "We all go on. We don't die. We can reach across dimensions."

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