Monday, April 30, 2012

A Fair Weather Kitty

My human mom calls me a fair weather kitty. I don't know what that means, but if it means I like going outside when it's warm and sunny, then I guess she's right. This time.

Take yesterday. It was wonderful. I spent most of the day outdoors. I went calling on my neighbor, Blackie, but he was in a time out and couldn't come outside. I chased some squirrels and then got serious about finding skinks. I love playing with them. They come apart.

Look closely at the top picture. That's not a twig but a skink that came apart. I brought it home to my humans and dropped it on the doormat. I played with it for a long time, well long in kitty time, until we both got bored. I took a break, lay down and watched the skink. It didn't move for the longest time. Then, I looked up and it was gone.

Where did it go? Did it sneak away between the boards? Did it run along the wall and disappear down the steps? I wanted to play with it again, but I couldn't find it. Maybe it will come back later this week. Maybe its tail will grow back.

What about today? I don't like today. It's cold and drippy. I don't like drippy because my fur gets wet and I have to shake the water off like a dog. I don't want to behave like a dog, but...

Prudence won out today, so I decided to lay up in my little hooch. It's so cozy and so comfortable. On gray days it's purrfect. I was catnapping so nicely earlier today, when my human mom thought I looked cute. Out came that nasty thing that makes bright light. You can see, I gave her the hairy eyeball for waking me up. If she doesn't let me sleep on her lap tonight, I'll get even. I'll run around the house at four in the morning and wake her up. Meh.


  1. You did catch the hairy eyeball look!

  2. At least the skink was deposited on your mat and not in your hand. My dog was skulking by the other day in that tell-tale sort of way. When I asked what she was doing, she looked at me, oh so innocently. There it was, the tail hanging out one side of her mouth. "What have you got?" I asked quite reluctantly. She dropped her catch neatly into my hand and skulked away. It was quite dead. So, count yourself lucky that your kitty plays by herself!

  3. I agree, Donna. I've been through the "deposit the gift in my hand" routine. Half a chipmunk, part of a bunny. Mocha brought in a tiny mouse two days ago and proceeded to eat it on the door mat. The next morning, it was a chipmunk. We dispatched the chipmunk, since they are too big to eat. If she stays with skinks and mousies, I'll be very happy.

  4. We never had a cat. Am I missing something?

  5. Franz, you are indeed, dear friend, missing something without a cat in your life. They exasperate us, but delight us at the same time. Love from a cat is conditional. It's on their terms. But, when it's given, it's the most peaceful, satisfying moment. It is impossible to be stressed out with a purring cat on your lap.