Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Book Review: Beneath the Stones by Susan Coryell

Beneath the StonesBeneath the Stones by Susan Coryell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Susan Coryell continues the saga of Ashby Overton she began in A WILD WILD ROSE. Five years later, Ashby prepares to marry her boyfriend Luke at her family estate, Overhome, which she discovers, much to her dismay, is deep in debt. It is up to her to find a way to save her horse farm.

Ashby sorts through mounds of bills run up by her aunt. Rather than holding a grudge, Ashby decides the only ways to save Overhome are to sell off 50 acres and expand her boarding and horse training business. When she hand her 12 yo nephew explore the acreage she want to sell, she discovers an old stone house and one very angry ghost. Ashby's only experience with ghosts has been with a benign spirit Rosabelle who saved her from peril in the first in this series.

To be able to more forward with her plans, Ashby must determine who the ghost is and why he wants to harm her.

A new character, a Civil War

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