Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mad Max Serialization, Chapter One Part 2

We continue with Chapter One. Remember, all I ask is to tell your friends if you like the book.

Truth be told, I let Merry dictate the terms of our contact with
each other, even though I knew I was taking the coward’s way out.
I’d asked Merry more than once why she seemed distant so much of
the time, but she refused to discuss it. I couldn’t force her to forgive
me for whatever infractions I committed while raising her. All I
could do was maintain as calm a demeanor as possible.

“Hey, I scheduled my annual ski trip.” I wasn’t in the mood for
a discussion on something so touchy.

“Changing the subject?” Raney winked at me.

“Sure am.”

Henri brought our salads and disappeared. We ate in near
silence for a few minutes.

“What do you think about this new artist? He’s supposed to be
all the rage in Europe.”

We always ate at Le Bistro when one of our favorite art galleries
had an opening. Otherwise, SoHo was way too far off our beaten

“Did you see his catalog?” Raney asked.

“I did. He is too avant-garde for me. I prefer more conventional
art where I can actually recognize what the artist painted.” Eleanor
pulled the catalog from her handbag and flipped it open to a couple
of abstract pieces. “Take this one. I do not see ‘Forest and Trees’ in
this swirl of orange, yellow, and red.”

“Maybe it’s a forest fire.” I didn’t like the painting because the
colors were too vivid. I was, however, interested in a mid-sized
portrait of two sisters in more muted colors. I pointed to the painting
in the catalog. “I really want this one. So peaceful.”

“Where would you hang it? You don’t have much wall space left.”

Raney was right. I’d hung way too many prints and oils
throughout my apartment.

“Probably in my bedroom. I’ll move something.”

We lingered over lunch and gossip until half an hour after the
official opening of the gallery to avoid the crush of patrons pushing
to enter.

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