Sunday, March 30, 2014

Book Review: The Homespun Wisdom of Myrtle T. Cribb

The Homespun Wisdom of Myrtle T. CribbThe Homespun Wisdom of Myrtle T. Cribb by Sheri Reynolds

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sheri Reynolds writes a wonderfully Southern picaresque novel where Myrtle Cribb leaves her husband without warning on a journey into herself. She's on her way to a doctor's appointment she doesn't want to keep. She passes the doctor's office before nearly running off the road. Hellcat, the local homeless man, crawled into her truck the night before. He wakes up and scares her.

Myrtle wants to dump Hellcat someplace where he can walk back to the town they live in, but every time she gets close to doing so, she chickens out. Myrtle and Hellcat help each other on this journey into what's important in their lives. Two opposites, he understands her intuitively. She grows to accept herself through a series of short adventures.

Reynolds add "Meaty Tidbits" at the end of each chapter wherein she adds philosophical comments to underscore the narrative.

If you even have a chance to hear her read, trample everyone in your way to get to one of her readings. Then read one or more of her books. Her unique Southern voice resounds off the page. You'll never read one of her books without hearing her speak.

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