Thursday, April 29, 2010

Emyl Jenkins

When a writer dies, so do her memories and all her experience. We lost Emyl Jenkins on April 27 at the young age of 68. If you never met Emyl, you missed a woman who was more active than her age, tireless in her mentoring of beginning writers, a story teller who loved antiques, and a member of the James River Writers. Missing as last year's conference because she was on a book tour, she will physically missed at this year's conference, but will be honored through our memories of this dymanic woman who loved to laugh -- and to make us laugh.


  1. I met Emyl several years ago at the Roanoke Bookfest where she conducted a workshop. Through the years, we met several times again at writers conferences. She was a great lady and a wonderfully talented writer. I loved Stealing with Style, the first cozy mystery I ever read. She will be missed.

  2. I used to be a big cozy reader, but ODed on them -- unitl I read Stealing with Style. Went back and read several of her books. You are right -- Emyl was a great lady.