Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The first signs of spring are here:

peepers singing at dusk and dawn
earthworms on the sidewalk
sun higher in the sky
warmth in the sun, chill in the shade
annoyed skunks letting the world know they are waking up
writers re-emerging from their dark caves of creativity

I set out to finish editing my manuscript, edits based on comments from my critique groups and from agents who were kind enough to tell me what was wrong with the opening movement while rejecting the book.

I hit the goal on Sunday. One final read for the remaining typos and then it's off to agents for their reaction.

I'm glad spring is here. I even missed the stinky skunks. Most of all, I am so glad my saint of a husband lived with the slug all winter while I muttered incantations over words, sentences, phrases and chapters. Thank you, Terry, for being here and being my sounding board. You are truly a saint.


  1. Wow! That's great that an agent would give you feedback. Now that's what I call a good rejection! Can't wait to hear more about your project too.

  2. Betsy: that sounds great ... what type of book did you write and where to send?

  3. The book is aimed at book clubs. It's a story about a woman who gets a do-over in her life. No, it's not sappy. There's a murder, PTSD, a fractured family, and raising a second family after the MC has already raised her own. I have a short list of agents to whom I will query.

  4. Fingers crossed, girl! Looking forward to "your" book signing!!

  5. Girl, you have been really busy! Way to go!!!